Tetris® Friends Online Games

Tetris Friends Online Games offers a wide range of browser–based Tetris game modes. Single–player game modes include: Marathon, Sprint, Ultra, Survival, 1989, and N–Blox. Multiplayer game modes include: Battle 2P, Battle 6P, Sprint 5P, and the highly unique Rally 8P. You can also play real–time Tetris against up to 5 other players in Tetris Arena (registration required). Participate in weekly Missions, win prizes, and so much more!

The Buzz:

  • "One of the 100 best PC games of all time" - PC Gamer

  • "You may very well think you’ve played enough Tetris. But have you played it with friends?" - Kotaku.com

  • "Designed as a massive collection of the best free Tetris games available, this web game collection gives gamers a huge number of ways of playing this classic title." - IGN.com

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