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Tetris Battle would like to thank the more than 5 million users who have liked us enough to Like us on Facebook!

Those who Like Tetris Battle are some of the first to find out about free gifts and special contests, as well as super-special sales.

If you haven't Liked Tetris Battle yet, visit the Tetris Battle Facebook page today and click the LIKE button!


Enter The Tetris Battle Leap Day Contest!

Once every four years, an event occurs that changes the world: Leap Day.

In honor of this momentous occasion, Tetris Battle is holding a contest that will make you jump for joy! Enter the Tetris Battle Leap Day Contest for your chance to win seven days of unlimited energy, 50 Tetris Cash and an ultra-cool, exclusive Burning Décor set.

Entering is easy. All you have to do is SHARE the Tetris Battle post on the game's Facebook page, and you're entered! The SHARE link can be found directly under the description text in the post.

Hop over to the Tetris Battle page on Facebook and be a winner this Feb 29!  


Tetris Battle Caps Off Big Month by Crossing 15 Million User Threshold

February may be the shortest month, but it was a big one for Tetris Battle.

The top 10 Facebook game gained nearly 3 million users in the month of February, giving Tetris Battle more than 15 million monthly users, according to industry stat-tracker AppData.

On Jan. 31, AppData put Tetris Battle's monthly user total at 12.5 million. The monthly user total now stands at 15.3 million, with one leap day to go in the month.

Don’t let February pass you by without visiting Tetris Battle!


Tetris Battle Adds New Limited Edition Gifts

Chisel out a lasting friendship by sharing free limited-edition Mino and Ghost sets with your buddies in Tetris Battle!

For a limited time, Tetris Battle players can share the popular Chizel Mino set and Outline Ghost set with their friends through the Free Gifts tab.

To share the gifts, click the Free Gifts tab at the top left on the Tetris Battle screen, click the item you want to send to your friends, and then simply select the friends who will receive the gift.

The best of friends will send you a gift back! You can send a free gift to a friend once a day, so don't let a single day go by without sharing the Tetris Battle fun!  


Tetris Battle Marks Its 14 Millionth Monthly User

Facebook users continue to love Tetris Battle.

The fast-paced puzzle game now has more than 14 million monthly active users, according to social games industry publication AppData. That total places Tetris Battle 10th among all games on Facebook for the most monthly users. According to AppData statistics, Tetris Battle gained a whopping 3 million users in one month’s time.

Tetris Battle is one of 11 Facebook games that are played by more than 3 million people a day. Visit Tetris Battle today to see why it’s one of the top games on Facebook.


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